Candies – If you want to make friends fast, treat them to O’s favs





Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth when you treat them to these home- made candies! The following are O’s crowd pleasers:

  • O’s Bark:   Bits of O’s favorite black and white sandwich cookies smothered in white chocolate confection.
  • O’s peanut butter bark:  bits of O’s favorite black and white sandwich cookie immersed in peanut butter chocolate confection.   A favorite for kids, but “VG” rated for all audiences!
  • O’s favorite toffee bark with chunks of toffee immersed in milk chocolate.  You’ll be back for more…………..
  • Celebration bark has one layer of milk chocolate and one layer of white chocolate confection  with  and sprinkles or chocolate drizzle to top it off
  • Milk chocolate and white chocolate confection coconut haystacks – Yum is the word on these!
  • Peppermint bark – TWO layers of peppermint decadence with milk or dark chocolate topped with white chocolate confection.   Peppermint bits in both layers to add to your delight! (seasonal  offering)